it's beginning to look a bit like winter...

This morning's commute, it hit me for the first time that the air is beginning to feel a bit wintry in the morning - I bundled up with my long wool coat from Lithuania and headed out.

From Sartorial and Aesthetic Pursuits

As I was riding in along the waterfront from the Hawthorne Bridge, the sun was really low on the horizon and looked just impossibly huge, like the moon sometimes does on those strange nights.

From Miscellaneous Portland Pictures

As I went up the tram, I noticed there was a low-lying fog over the whole city, that looked really crazy, so I took a picture from up at the top - you can't see the fog all that well, but it's still a nice picture :)

From Miscellaneous Portland Pictures

Again today, it looks like it's going to be bright and sunny, but cool - the best weather. Happy day, all!

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