one-issue people

It's hard for me to understand how people, in a decision such as choosing the next president (many other example decisions could be found), can be so focused on one single issue that it is not only more important to them than any other single issue, but is more important to them than every other issue combined. I mean, I understand that doing that kind of mental stunt makes your decision a lot easier, but it doesn't seem very responsible.

Take the issue of value for human life (there could be many more examples of topics, as well). That is such an enormously huge topic, and yet it seems to often be narrowed down to the issue of abortion. I, personally, don't agree with abortion, and think it's a horrible thing to be happening. However, if you consider a candidate, or how to vote on an issue only from the point of view of abortion, you're missing the value of human life issues related to war, poverty, economics, trade relations, workplace standards, slave-trade, sex-trade... there are so many things I could go on and on (not to mention every other potential issue your decision could relate to).

It reminds me of the Derek Webb quote "...are we defending life if we just pick and choose lives acceptable to lose, and which ones to defend?"

So, while you might be voting for something you believe in (for instance, saving the lives of babies), you might, without thinking about it, also be voting to destroy the lives of other people who are already alive, to decrease peoples' standard of living who are already barely making it by, to do nothing about the horrible devastation in peoples' lives due to slave trade or sex trade, to do nothing about disease running rampant that people can't afford to pay for medicine to treat, to turn a blind eye towards poverty in this country and elsewhere, you get the idea. By simply always voting for one issue, you may also vote for a lot of bad policy without ever thinking about it, and all of that should at least be taken into account, even if you still end up making the same decision.

It's hard for me to say that any one issue (whatever it might be) could outweigh every other combined. I think it's important to consider a decision from all angles and make the best informed decision possible based on as many issues as you can get your head around, and how important you feel each one is.

Ok, that's all for now :)

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