another simple bike modification

Today I took my bike down to Clever Cycles on Hawthorne and had the headlight re-mounted down near the fork, rather than up by the handlebars. This will help the light to actually illuminate the road when I'm riding, and also put it low enough to go below the poncho being sent to us by Marc which goes over the handlebars, and once we move the light on Trina's bike, she will be able to use a front basket.

From Biking

They also used a Lumotec bracket to re-mount my light, which goes with the headlight I want to replace it with soon, so that will be extra convenient to do so. The headlight I want to get is considerably brighter than the one that comes on the Amsterdams, a lot more durable, and it has a capacitor in it, so it holds some charge after the bike stops moving, and will continue shining for a couple of minutes. It also helps to regulate the brightness at different riding speeds, which will be really nice.

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday. Cheers!


  1. Interesting that you should mention durability of bike lights.

    When I visited the Azor factory, as well as showing me the steaming brine bath that they use to test paint samples as well as things such as lights for resistance to corrosion, I was also told about the robustness test. Samples sent to them by manufacturers are thrown against a brick wall. If they don't survive that and still work, they'll never be ordered for the bikes.

  2. Sounds like Electra should take some lessons from that :) Of course, Electra is more along the lines of a Batavus, rather than Azor, but still, some of the components that come on the bike are really a bit overly cheap, in my opinion. Still, it makes a good base to work from, and it's one of the few bikes of this type available in the US for less than $1000, so there you have it.