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Well, Søren is all fixed up and running like a charm. The Schwalbe tube they gave me at Clever Cycles is much nicer than the Heng Shin tubes that came with the Amsterdams. The only hitch putting Søren back together again, was I left the chain too loose the first time and had to tighten it a bit, no big deal. However, if anyone has any tips on how to easily get the tire off the rim, that would be really useful in the future.

From Biking

I took him out to get some croutons this morning, as we forgot to get them the other night when we did the rest of our Thanksgiving shopping. On that note, Happy Thanksgiving all you American folk. And happy November 27th to everyone else :)

We're heading to Trina's family down in Albany, OR today, and then doing dinner with my family tomorrow night. Whee!

See you all soon.


  1. I use the monster tire irons from Park Tools I used to be able to roll all but the most difficult tires on and off rims, but as age and arthritis in the hands catches up to me I find my self reaching for the tools more often.


  2. a friend of mine was kind enough to give me one of these that he had sitting around, and it's a huge help - makes it so much easier. Thanks for the suggestion!