new poncho on its way...

As it's been getting rainier here in Portland, I've been using an old backpacking poncho that I had laying around, and it works alright except that it has a tear in it and it's too short in front, so the tops of my legs still get really wet.

I've looked and looked on the internet and asked around bike shops here in Portland, but nobody seems to carry cycling ponchos in the US. There are a lot of rain suits, but the only ponchos I could find were more like capes, and suited for the bent-over posture of a road bike. A rain suit would be ok, but I don't really want to have to put on a whole other layer of clothes when I leave and then take it all off when I get to wherever I'm going - it's much easier to just take a poncho off really quickly.

I was commenting on this fact over on Marc's blog at Amsterdamize, and he simply offered to send Trina and I ponchos from the Netherlands made for cycling on upright bikes. I just got an email from him this morning saying he sent them, so they should arrive before too long. Thanks again Marc, we really appreciate it! :)

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  1. I ride upright and use the "rain cape" from Campmor Surprisingly enough they are made in the USA! Please post some pictures of the ones from Amsterdamize, I would be interested in a comparison! I also have an ancient Carradice that is still serviceable many years later. I mainly wear it when riding my Raleigh Superbe.