wet, wet, wet

Well, we're having a bit of a dramatic start to the rainy season here in Portland. We have rain on the radar for a week and a half in a row. Last night I rode home in the dark for the first time (after moving the clocks back), and also with rain pouring down on my head like a gigantic shower. I had a poncho, which kept me mostly dry, except it kept riding up my legs, so from my knee halfway up my thigh got pretty wet. Also, the hood wouldn't stay up, so my hat/head got fairly wet. I'll have to think about better solutions for that, especially my head. The one really nice thing, is that my new pannier bags held up really well even in the downpour. They come waterproofed, and the waterproofing held up to a lot of water, without anything inside getting wet, so I was really pleased.

Speaking of ponchos, if anyone who reads this owns a bike shop in the US, it would be great if you could import something like this:


or this:


All of the ponchos and other rain gear I can find in the US seem to be largely geared for people riding racing bikes, bent over all the way. Coverage is totally different if you're sitting up straight. A "rain-cape" sort of idea, which seem more common here, simply won't work at all.

So, all that to say - Europe, start exporting your bicycles and equipment over here! America, start importing European bicycles and equipment! We non-sport-inclined commuters will love you for it.

On a completely different note, I'm finding myself waiting in anticipation for the first polling results to come out this evening... yay for living on the west coast and getting to see some of the rest of the country's results before needing to sleep :)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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