yesterday we got up a bit earlier than normal for a Saturday... we fed the cats and munched on some biscuits we had from the day before while we watched a few cartoons, and then we got ready and headed out for breakfast at the Detour Cafe on Division St. I had an egg sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, basil and tomato, and Trina had french toast, with a side of roasted potatoes and bacon - and we both had coffee, of course.

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While waiting for our food, we were poking through a local newspaper, and noticed that one of our favorite music groups, My Brightest Diamond, is playing at the Doug Fir Lounge this coming Thursday evening, for $13.

So, after breakfast, I headed over to Hawthorne to deposit a couple of checks we had, and then headed up to Jackpot Records to buy the tickets.

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When I got there, they only took cash for ticket purchases, so I had to run over to Zupan's market on Belmont to use the ATM and get some cash out. When I was parking on Belmont (there's a big bike parking area, see above photo), one of the employees of the Stumptown coffee store right there came out and was asking me a bunch of questions about my bike, how heavy it was, how far I commute with it, etc. I just told him the weight really doesn't matter for the hills between where he usually travels (many of the same ones I travel), the posture is really comfortable, just like sitting in a chair, and the bike is really easy to just hop on and go. He wants to grocery shop with it and I do that as well, so I could also reassure him that it rides fine with 40lbs. of groceries in the pannier bags. He was really interested in getting one, and it turns out my commute distance is pretty similar to his, so I think I may have sold him on one :)

So I ran and got cash out, then headed back over to Hawthorne and bought the tickets (yay!), and then headed back to Division St, where Trina was waiting at Village Merchants, a little vintage/consignment/resale store. She had found a couple of plates which we have some matching pieces of, a schnazzy silk necktie for me, a couple little bottles, and then we found this really fun old General Electric clock to go in our kitchen :)

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We bought the stuff, and stuck it in my pannier bags for the return trip (thankfully they had wrapped the plates in bubble wrap).

On the way back, I managed to snap a couple shots of Trina looking very pretty :)

From Biking

From Biking

So, we got home, put away some of the stuff from the store, and then headed off to An Dong asian market just up the street. We were primarily going to get a new rice cooker, which we did - just a small three cup one with a sealing lid and a retractable cord. Seems like it'll be just great. We also got some more of our favorite miso soup mix, some aged soy sauce, and a couple of really nice wooden ladles. Then, off to Lloyd Center mall to hit Old Navy and get Trina some pants to wear for her upcoming yoga classes.

When we got there, first thing we did was go get a soft pretzel with cheese sauce (we were getting a bit hungry). They were just starting open-skate time in the ice skating rink near the pretzel place:

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So, we ate the pretzels, got some pants for Trina, and then headed off to New Seasons to get dinner goods. We decided we were going to make chicken breasts with marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese, and then we also decided to add green olives and capers to the sauce. We did just that, and you can read all about it here on our food blog.

Trina has been asked to contribute food-related articles to a new kind of home and lifestyle blog, ofifteen, so after dinner she sat and worked on her first article, her bio and all that, and I started reading Nausea, by Jean-Paul Sartre.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Happy weekend!

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