"Arctic Blast 2008"

Is apparently what we're having in Portland. All the news stations seem to be sharing this term, which they believe expresses the weather we are having, which they apparently feel resembles the arctic. While it is really nothing like the arctic, we do now have 8 inches of snow on the ground, with 30 inch drifts in places, a quarter inch of freezing rain on top of that, and either another half inch of freezing rain or several more inches of snow on the way overnight. Not to mention it's been over a week now that we've had snowy weather, which is totally unheard of.

Here are some pictures and videos from around our part of town from the past week or so. We're hunkering down for the rest of the day with coffee and movies. Cheers!

"Arctic Blast 2008"


snowy goodness...

Well, the storm they've been saying would come all week has finally arrived. We went to dinner at Savoy last night, and had delicious fried cheese curds and wonderful burgers with blue cheese and bacon and fries. It was just starting to snow and stick a little while we were at dinner.

Dinner was fantastic, and then we went home and just hung out and watched snow fall a bit. We finally went to bed, and woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground, and more snow coming down like crazy. We needed to run a few errands, and I didn't really want to drive in the weather, so I decided to take my bike to New Seasons and Trader Joe's. I was careful, and I actually didn't slide or slip at all, and it was quite a nice ride with the snow coming down :)

A little bit later on, Trina and I walked over to safeway to grab stuff to make hot buttered rum (we had a little bit of rum left), and the snow is still coming down even more heavily.

We're supposed to get something like 7-8 inches more overnight, and then freezing rain tomorrow, with nothing really melting until Monday. We'll see how things go, but for now we're looking forward to snuggling up inside and watching things get more and more white outside :) Happy weekend everybody!


snow, how I love you

Well, as any of you who live in Washington or Oregon have noticed, we have some snow :) And temperatures below freezing for another week. All so unusual for Portland :) Makes me feel a bit homesick for that little piece of Northeastern Europe...


Trina and Theresa were supposed to be selling at the Handmade Bazaar yesterday, but we got all loaded up and ready to go, got out on the road, started sliding around, and decided to loop the block and park again. Instead they took a bunch of photos of things to put in their etsy shop, we ran across the street and got some Chinese takeout from HoHo's (yum!), and then I walked over to Trader Joe's to get stuff for dinner, and Trina and I made some mushroom barley soup for and watched some of the anime Mushi-shi (thanks Devin).


Today the School of Dentistry was closed, so I had the day off. Trina had to work, however, so I got up in the morning with her and fed the cats and made her coffee to take to work. I did some work on a video for Portlandize and then took her lunch at work. On the way back, I stopped at Edelweiss, a little German delicatessen nearby, and got some pfeffernüse and a Milka chocolate bar for tonight :)


Tonight we're eating leftover soup (mushroom barley, and hot and sour from the Chinese food), and just working on cleaning up the apartment a bit. Then, off to work tomorrow. Here's hoping we get more snow on Wednesday, and not freezing rain. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Cheers, and happy winter!



A New Blog

Well, with some encouragement from Marc at Amsterdamize, I've decided to start a Portlandize blog. The primary purpose of the blog will be both to document my own experiences riding a bike in Portland, as well as to advocate cycling as an urban commuting option - hopefully in a very positive way - and to show what it's like commuting by bike in Portland.

So, come on over to http://portlandize.com, and give us a look from time to time. Hopefully you'll find something entertaining or interesting. The blog will be moving soon to different hosting, but will still be available at the same URL.


*edit* - Portlandize is available at http://portlandize.blogspot.com until it is moved over to the new hosting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

the view from a bicycle

I’ve been accumulating some more short video clips over the last week or so. Here are a couple more videos that I’ve pieced together from the clips:

The first is mostly a trip to a grocery store near us, with a couple other pieces of my work commute at the beginning and end, music by Radiohead.

The second is a bunch of night clips put together from my commute home from work this week, music by My Brightest Diamond.


Whole Foods (the supermarket chain)

Last Monday, New Seasons posted this article on their blog, regarding how in a legal dispute between Whole Foods and Wild Oats, Whole Foods is attempting to get very detailed documents regarding New Seasons' operations, marketing and expansion plans, sales, earnings, goods being sold, etc. There are more details in the article, but the whole thing is just really sleazy and underhanded on the part of Whole Foods, and I hope that if you shop there regularly, this might cause you to think twice about supporting them, as they attempt to move in on a fantastic local business here in Portland and run them out of business (just like they intentionally aimed to put Wild Oats out of business).