snow, how I love you

Well, as any of you who live in Washington or Oregon have noticed, we have some snow :) And temperatures below freezing for another week. All so unusual for Portland :) Makes me feel a bit homesick for that little piece of Northeastern Europe...


Trina and Theresa were supposed to be selling at the Handmade Bazaar yesterday, but we got all loaded up and ready to go, got out on the road, started sliding around, and decided to loop the block and park again. Instead they took a bunch of photos of things to put in their etsy shop, we ran across the street and got some Chinese takeout from HoHo's (yum!), and then I walked over to Trader Joe's to get stuff for dinner, and Trina and I made some mushroom barley soup for and watched some of the anime Mushi-shi (thanks Devin).


Today the School of Dentistry was closed, so I had the day off. Trina had to work, however, so I got up in the morning with her and fed the cats and made her coffee to take to work. I did some work on a video for Portlandize and then took her lunch at work. On the way back, I stopped at Edelweiss, a little German delicatessen nearby, and got some pfeffernüse and a Milka chocolate bar for tonight :)


Tonight we're eating leftover soup (mushroom barley, and hot and sour from the Chinese food), and just working on cleaning up the apartment a bit. Then, off to work tomorrow. Here's hoping we get more snow on Wednesday, and not freezing rain. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Cheers, and happy winter!


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