the view from a bicycle

I’ve been accumulating some more short video clips over the last week or so. Here are a couple more videos that I’ve pieced together from the clips:

The first is mostly a trip to a grocery store near us, with a couple other pieces of my work commute at the beginning and end, music by Radiohead.

The second is a bunch of night clips put together from my commute home from work this week, music by My Brightest Diamond.


  1. I enjoyed watchin your films, especially liking the reflections of yourself riding in the first one.

    I cycle nearly everyday, except for like to today as there was black ice everywhere.

    I get a sense of freedom when cycling :-)

  2. yeah, you experience the city in a very different way on a bicycle than you do in a car. there is a sense of freedom, a sense of enjoyment that usually gets drowned out by traffic and having to pay attention to a million things at once while you're driving.