Summery Sunday

Sunday I woke up early and rode down to New Seasons to get some bacon, cream and a couple of other things, then came back and whipped up some breakfast for us all, coffee, more bread and jam and cheese, and we lazed around the house for a while. Tori had a meeting to go to, so she took off for a while, and we ran out to do a couple of errands. Theresa came over and we hung out a bit, then Tori came back, and we rode our bikes over to Pix Patisserie for a nip of amazing ice cream and some fruit jellies.

When we came home, I had a note saying my bike was ready to pick up at Clever Cycles, so I rode the loaner down there and swapped. Came back and said goodbye to Tori, who was heading back down to Corvallis, and then went to New Seasons to pick up groceries for dinner.

We made a delicious pasta with chard, carrots, celery, spring onions (from our garden), leek, tarragon and chicken. Our friend Tiana came over to share it with us, and we ended up talking until 1.30 in the morning. It was a wonderful way to end a pretty fantastic weekend.

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