Stupid TV Shows

So today we were watching the Create Channel on OPB, and a show came on called The Katie Brown Workshop. On this show, her emphasis was how to get your kids interested in eating fruit. So, what does she do?

First of all, she makes hollowed out lemon, with store-bought lemon sorbet inside. Secondly, she makes hollowed out oranges with boxed cake mix inside, baked, and then with store-bought frosting on top. Thirdly, and finally the only fruit that actually gets eaten, is little wooden ice-cream spoons, with a dab of a yogurt and cream cheese mixture on the end, and a piece of fruit stuck to it.

Secondly, they make creatures of fruit, put together with wooden skewers, and decorated with frosting, licorice, life savers, peppermints, etc.

Thirdly, a hollowed out orange, with wood skewers through it, string tied to them, so they it can hang and be a birdfeeder.

So, the verdict - if you want to get your kids excited about eating fruit, don't feed them fruit, feed them sorbet, cake and let them stick candies to the outside of fruit. Do it everyone! For the health of your children!


  1. This sounds like a very stupid show!! OH MY! I prefer the Sneaky Chef approach (you know--zucchini and carrots in muffins--all kinds of veggies in taco mix, etc., etc......), or you know, the just plain honest approach: "kid, eat your veggies." 1 of my boys has a harder time with pasta than with veggies! One will eat up all of the veggies & fruit and will avoid meat. But junk food to get kids to eat tiny bits of fruit? NO way! ;)

  2. Just last night one of my boys said he preferred cooked green beans to any other cooked vegetable because they have a firmer texture. If they never eat the actual fruit or vegetable how will they ever know what they like. You're right, stupid, stupid TV!That's why we don't watch anymore.Gave up cable years ago.

  3. Oh that type of thing drives me crazy! I really think this kind of attitude towards healthy food - acting like it needs to be covered up by candy, or disguised as something else - just continues the cycle of unhealthy eating in the US. So gross!