Further musings on dichotomies... briefly

Have you ever noticed that if you don't absolutely agree with someone, they often tend to assume you absolutely disagree? Why is that?

note - this is not in reference to the comments on the previous post at all, just general thoughts.


  1. Yes, and you can see this so clearly in things like politics. Not a Democrat? "Aww... you're one of those Republicans!" It's frustrating. But I think it's just because people find it easier to dichotomize (sp??) rather than actually make an effort to understand another person's beliefs. There have been so many people that I would talk with who I AGREED WITH who I can't stand because they were so antagonistic to the opposite view simply because it's the opposite view. People don't think independently very well -- they just join a bandwagon.

  2. And often it's not even the opposite view, and often it's almost the same view, just worded differently.

    Orwell's Politics and the English Language has some great things to say about how language plays into all this.