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On Education

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


First Veggies of the Season

This weekend we got some dirt to fill up our raised bed boxes, thanks to a friend for letting us dig up his side yard, and my dad for helping dig and supplying the truck to move the dirt in! That being done, we planted our first veggies of the season (not counting herbs) - 4 varieties of tomatoes (three large and one cherry), a mild yellow pepper, and a spicy thai pepper.

Here's hoping they produce well, we're hoping for some pickling and canning adventures at the end of the summer!

First Planting 2010

First Planting 2010

First Planting 2010



Things have been pretty run-of-the-mill around this part of the world lately. I mentioned the milk we're getting, and we've already succeeded in making crème fraîche and paneer cheese for an Indian curry we're making this week.

This morning we had my parents over for brunch and had some omelettes (with aforementioned crème fraîche), bread, cheese, prosciutto, some fresh fruit, coffee, tea, etc. They brought us some lovely flowers from their yard, and we had a really nice time.

Morning Flowers

At the moment, we're just enjoying our home, and the bright, warm sunshine pouring in the windows. The weather this spring so far has been a bit wild, but the last two or three days have been absolutely beautiful, and we're soaking it up as much as possible.

We had some amazing clouds during the day yesterday, and we ended up going out for a short bike ride at about 9.30 last night, just to get some air, it felt so nice out. Then after brunch this morning, we rode out to get some coffee and head to the store to get some plants for the moms on Trina's side of the family, not a cloud in the sky. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!








We have recently started getting fresh, raw milk from a farm about an hour south of Portland. We are part of a buying group where we get milk each week, in which each member takes a turn going down to the farm one week during a rotation, picking up everyone's milk, and then dropping it off at a single place in Portland, where the rest of the group's members pick it up that day. Milk is delivered within 24 hours of when it was milked.

This last weekend we went down to the farm, met the ladies who run it, met the two beautiful milking cows, last year's and this year's calves, got our fingers sucked on by the youngest cow, saw the milking operation, had a good chat and a nice walk around the farm, and we're now even more excited to be supporting them, and getting their delicious milk. Coming to our home in the near future - cow's milk feta, yogurt, crème fraîche, and paneer.

Milk in a basket


Travel Kit

Trina just got me this fantastic little 1950's German travel kit. It's in a leather case, and includes tweezers, scissors, a nail file, a shoe horn, a small razor, a small shaving brush, a shaving mirror, two small canisters (one of which the shaving brush goes in), a comb, a soap dish, a toothbrush holder, and a clothes brush. I can't wait to have an excuse to use it :) Here are some photos:

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Travel Kit


Social Justice

Recently Glenn Beck made a statement on his show that if one's church should support the idea of social justice, one should run screaming from said church, as social justice is just a "code word" for fascism or communism (even flashing a swastika and hammer and sickle).

I wonder what Beck thinks about the fact that Christ told us that our treatment of the poor, abused, disenfranchised reflects our view of God? That when we treat someone kindly, we have done the same to Christ himself? When we fight for people who are abused and ignored by society, are we fighting for totalitarianism, or in fact, freedom? If it follows that in giving a cup of cold water to a person in need of it, we give to Christ himself - doesn't it also follow that if we ignore the person in need of water, we are ignoring Christ himself? If we simply shrug and say "oh well". If we don't look more deeply into why the person is in need in the first place and examine if there is anything that can be done about it...

I've written it before, that America is the land of the free - as long as you have money, status and possessions, you can do whatever you want. Ask anyone who doesn't fit into those categories, however, and it starts to look a lot more restrictive.

I do not believe that fighting for the rights of those people considered as "outsiders" in society, who have trouble even eating or getting any kind of care when they are sick is impinging on anyone's rights, as I don't believe anyone has an innate right to anything more than any other person. However, apparently Mr. Beck feels that encouraging people to put another person's basic human needs and rights before their own desire to massively accumulate wealth and possessions and to garner power and influence is just another way of spelling out communism, and is a violation of our personal liberties.

I sincerely hope that he simply doesn't understand the idea of social justice (though I have my doubts).

On Enjoyment

I'm convinced that enjoying life to the fullest and loving God deeply and dutifully are rather parallel endeavors than at odds with each other.

With every day of life, I become more grateful to God, who has given my life such depth and richness - not in money or possessions (though we aren't lacking for anything necessary, and have some room for giving and for un-necessary things), but in friendship, love, purpose, fulfillment.

I can't imagine a better life than the one I have.


Amsterdams for sale

If anyone in the Portland area is interested, we are selling our Electra Amsterdams. They have served us well, but we've decided it's time to move on, and we would love them to go to someone who will use them well. If you're interested, shoot me an email. Cheers!




Excited to have these coming in the mails :)

Hope you all had a good holiday season, and hopefully I'll be back with something more interesting to post before too long. Cheers!