Social Justice

Recently Glenn Beck made a statement on his show that if one's church should support the idea of social justice, one should run screaming from said church, as social justice is just a "code word" for fascism or communism (even flashing a swastika and hammer and sickle).

I wonder what Beck thinks about the fact that Christ told us that our treatment of the poor, abused, disenfranchised reflects our view of God? That when we treat someone kindly, we have done the same to Christ himself? When we fight for people who are abused and ignored by society, are we fighting for totalitarianism, or in fact, freedom? If it follows that in giving a cup of cold water to a person in need of it, we give to Christ himself - doesn't it also follow that if we ignore the person in need of water, we are ignoring Christ himself? If we simply shrug and say "oh well". If we don't look more deeply into why the person is in need in the first place and examine if there is anything that can be done about it...

I've written it before, that America is the land of the free - as long as you have money, status and possessions, you can do whatever you want. Ask anyone who doesn't fit into those categories, however, and it starts to look a lot more restrictive.

I do not believe that fighting for the rights of those people considered as "outsiders" in society, who have trouble even eating or getting any kind of care when they are sick is impinging on anyone's rights, as I don't believe anyone has an innate right to anything more than any other person. However, apparently Mr. Beck feels that encouraging people to put another person's basic human needs and rights before their own desire to massively accumulate wealth and possessions and to garner power and influence is just another way of spelling out communism, and is a violation of our personal liberties.

I sincerely hope that he simply doesn't understand the idea of social justice (though I have my doubts).


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  2. Also, Derek Webb tweeted this yesterday: "dear glenn beck, if you wanted me to write a song about you you could've just asked. your friend- d"