We have recently started getting fresh, raw milk from a farm about an hour south of Portland. We are part of a buying group where we get milk each week, in which each member takes a turn going down to the farm one week during a rotation, picking up everyone's milk, and then dropping it off at a single place in Portland, where the rest of the group's members pick it up that day. Milk is delivered within 24 hours of when it was milked.

This last weekend we went down to the farm, met the ladies who run it, met the two beautiful milking cows, last year's and this year's calves, got our fingers sucked on by the youngest cow, saw the milking operation, had a good chat and a nice walk around the farm, and we're now even more excited to be supporting them, and getting their delicious milk. Coming to our home in the near future - cow's milk feta, yogurt, crème fraîche, and paneer.

Milk in a basket

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