Hi, I'm still alive.

It's been a long time since I've written here, I apologize. Things got a bit crazy through the holidays, and I've been busy with other endeavors.

To give a brief update, it's now public news that my wife is leaving her job at Sock Dreams to pursue her more craft-oriented ventures, as well as possibly looking into some internships with local restaurants to try and gain some cooking experience, and then once we have some money saved up, cooking school. We are probably going to sell our car once my wife is done with work, as her need to travel outside a 1-2 mile radius regularly will pretty much disappear at that point, and I very rarely use the car anyway, and we'll use Zipcar when we absolutely need a car for something.

Photography has been occupying a lot of my non-work time lately, I've been shooting primarily film, with my dad's old Ricoh Singlex TLS camera, and a Nikon FG-20 SLR that we picked up on the cheap from an old neighbor. Here are a few examples:

New bathroom shelf




Laurelhurst Church - 1923

Morning sun

Making pierogi

White Stag Block

Early Morning

Yeah, it's still like that

In the Hood

Steel Bridge

Anyway, you get the idea :) I will try to get back into posting more often here, we'll see how it goes. For anyone still reading, thanks, and hopefully you'll see me again soon :)