Sometimes you have one of those moments...

...where life seems really, inexpressibly beautiful.

I had one this morning. I can't even really explain why it impacted me so much, as the circumstances viewed objectively are quite mundane.

It was another in a long string of steadily rainy, cold, gloomy spring mornings, and I was riding to work with my poncho on (which I typically don't do unless it's raining pretty hard, to give you some perspective). The traffic light crossing 12th at Irving wasn't co-operating, I couldn't get it to detect my bike, so rather than blow the light, I decided to turn right and go down through the Lloyd District to the Steel Bridge.

I was cruising across the lower deck of the bridge, just above the water, and there were two women in a crew boat on the river, gliding across the water. Somehow it just struck me as magic that they were seemingly effortlessly sitting on top of the water and pushing themselves across it, as if humans were made to do exactly that.

That's it. For whatever reason, that moment just hit me strongly with an "isn't life amazing?" feeling.

And really, it is.