Fun Times

Well, we had a bit of an unexpected Sunday evening. We had our friend Aron over to do our hair, and we made waffles and it was great. Aron left, and we made dinner, an awesome Thai Chicken Curry Soup, and we had cleaned up and were working on laundry.

I had put a load in the wash, and had brought part of it back, and was going to get a small load I had put in the dryer. As I was leaving the back door, I was pulling the door shut, and the glass doorknob on the back door sheared off and gashed my finger open.

In any case, we rinsed it out, put hydrogen peroxide on it, and a cotton swab on it, wrapped with a paper towel, rented a Zipcar, and drove up to Providence hospital nearby. It wasn't bleeding that badly with pressure on it, and they got us into a room pretty quickly, but we had to wait quite a while for a doctor, considering this was about 11:15pm at this point.

We passed the time by amusing ourselves with the room we were in.

Photo0269 Photo0270

We decided the drawing board should say Dr. Evil, and that after getting his lab results, his plan should be to take over the world, but Trina wouldn't write it down for him:


The little symbols on the pedals on the bed looked like they were different methods of ejection:


We finally resorted to turning the TV on, and after deciding to pass on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, low and behold, there was The Empire Strikes Back - which we got to watch from about the time where Luke lands on Dagobah to when he leaves to go try to rescue Han, Leia and Chewbacca.


In the end, they numbed my finger, put a few stitches in, put some gauze on it, and sent me home. We got home at about 1:45am, and Trina went to get the laundry I had originally been going to get when I cut my finger. We went to bed, and that's that. An eventful Sunday evening.

Here's a little triptych to commemorate the occasion: