New Cups

There is a new pottery studio that just opened up about 4 blocks away from our apartment, and last weekend and this weekend, they had a pottery sale going on, so we decided to walk over after Patrina finished work this evening.

We didn't really expect to buy anything, necessarily, but we couldn't pass up these two beautiful cups, made by Joshua Kovarik (http://jkovarikart.blogspot.com, http://kovarikpottery.etsy.com).

New Cups New Cups New Cups New Cups

They will happily replace a couple of old cups that are currently in our cupboard, and we are enjoying nice, hot drinks out of them as we speak.

After the pottery show, we rode our bikes about 4 blocks more to have Phở at the Vietnamese restaurant near us, then rode about another 4 blocks to the pâtisserie to get a small dessert, and then just the few blocks home from there.

I love our neighborhood.