let it go

Please excuse me
I sometimes get caught up in fights,
Lost somewhere in the periphery
With people who otherwise
Swing endlessly at the air
It's not that I like it,
The swinging just catches my attention.
Before I know it, I've walked into a punch
Then, offended, shout dignified
"Why are you here throwing punches at me!?"
Nevermind I saw it a mile away.
Nevermind I put myself there.
Nevermind I am not the same thing as open air.
So, I hereby vow to attempt
To let the punching automatons alone
Continue my walk through the woods
Unconcerned, if somewhat amused
Unfettered by offense
Unfettered by the loss
Of transmuting freedom into responsibility
To be hung on someone else.
Who turns gold into mud,
Then throws it at someone's face?