human interaction inherently
is violent;
in order to relate to a person
you must enter them.
it's not simple, but it can be done
in many ways

none of them leaves the person undisturbed

the external openings are
most obvious, of course.
we kiss, touch, fuck, and float words
in a desperate hope that we

transmit more than bacteria, saliva
and other secretions

we suffer a thousand little deaths and rebirths,
yet these are all foreplay to the grand act -
a pounding on their chest

before plunging your hand
through skin, muscle, ribs and all
tearing through all the layers of protection
until you reach it

the first touch is almost their death, the squeeze
seals it with a rapturous scream

as the beating stops, you are jarred back to sense
you pull your hand back, horrified
watching the blood drip from your fingertips
puddling on the floor

one last ecstatic shiver, moan, and their body collapses.
you stand, stunned, a bit numb

after some minutes, the corpse begins slowly
flexing, moving, testing itself

reanimated, rising to their feet, slowly raising their eyes to
meet yours with heated gaze
their hand rises to your cheek, gently.
you feel through their fingertips:

"my darling, you have spilled my blood,
it is yours now"

and then your eyes widen in shock, your head
dizzy with everything you've ever felt
as the other hand tears into your chest
repeating the bloody ritual

you realize this is not death, but the intersection
of everything with everything

vision white, mind seething too much to understand
you collapse to the floor
lying for some time, unable to channel everything
intersecting with everything

as bits of your mind slowly start to return,
your eyes open heavily

and find standing above you, timid, slightly afraid;
a creature who shares

parts of the same inside