When we break at the core, we weep.

When we break at the core, we weep.
A serious title for a not so serious post.

Thursday morning, I was riding to work and I was nearly there. I was stopped at a stoplight (yes, contrary to popular belief, people on bicycles stop at stoplights nearly as much as people in cars).

As the light turned green, I pressed on the right pedal to move forward, and it simply fell off onto the ground. The pedal spindle, I knew, was bent; however, I didn't think it had gotten quite this bad yet.

So, I threw the pedal in my pannier and walked the rest of the way to work, locked my bike up, and went to work as usual.

I thought I had another pedal at home, so I left my bike locked in a locked bike cage at work overnight and took the streetcar home, but it turned out not to be the case.

So after work the next day, I walked myself and my bike the couple of miles over to Clever Cycles, and bought new pedals.

New pedal close-up.

Ta-da! Back in action.