A Night Out

The other night we went out for dinner with my parents at a fantastic place called Via Tribunali. We had a delicious dinner and desserts, and after we bid my parents farewell at the MAX stop, we decided to make our way over to Pioneer Courthouse Square and see the Christmas Tree.

It just so happened that there was a roasted chestnut stand in the square as well, so we got a little cone full of piping hot chestnuts, sat and ate them watching people in the square, and then walked over to the Pioneer Square mall to do a little Christmas shopping before heading home.

A Night Out. A Night Out. A Night Out. A Night Out. A Night Out. A Night Out.
It's pretty great to live in a place where you can make spontaneous decisions to do things like this without any preparation - just walk or hop on a train and you're there in literally a few minutes, then just a few minutes again and you're back home.